In-person speech therapy used to be the only way to engage with a certified speech language pathologist (SLP). Today, with the rise of the internet and videoconferencing, it is no longer the only option.

Below we’ve listed the top five reasons why online speech therapy may be a better alternative for you and your family.

If you still have questions about online speech therapy, you can always schedule a free consultation with a certified speech therapist.

Better Access to More Qualified Speech Therapists

Finding a speech therapist used to be limited by geographical location. You could only attend a therapist practice that was within driving distance, meaning there were less qualified and accredited therapist to choose from.

It’s no different than how we used to shop. Remember shopping before the existence of online retail websites like Amazon? You were restricted to stores within your immediate area.

With online speech therapy, you no longer have to choose from a limited selection of therapists working at a nearby practice. You now have access to an entire network of amazing therapists across your entire state. This is especially beneficial for people who live in more rural areas.

With more options than ever before, it’s easier to find the perfect therapist that meets the needs of you and your family.

It’s Way More Convenient

Many people live busy and hectic lives. Between school, work, errands, and everyday life, finding time to attend in-person therapy session on a regular basis can be difficult - if not impossible.

And just think of all the travel time! Trips can be lengthy, and appointments can be missed due to busy schedules and bad weather. What’s worse, most traditional therapy settings are only available during normal business hours. For many people, it just doesn’t work.

Online speech therapy removes this problem entirely. You have greater flexibility to schedule sessions on the dates that work best, and at the times that are most convenient. Want to schedule a session on Saturday afternoon? Not a problem. Prefer to meet at 8:00pm after dinner? By all means.

It Can be More Comfortable

If you or your child feel embarrassed or shy when it comes to therapy, you’re not alone. Many people get nervous or tense at the thought of talking to someone face-to-face. For some people, even the thought of calling an office to make an appointment can be daunting.

With online speech therapy, taking sessions from the comfort of your own home can help put you at ease. And when you’re comfortable and confident, your sessions will be more effective.

It’s Easier for Parents to Get Involved

For children with speech disorders, the involvement of a parent can be a major asset. You can better understand your child’s difficulties, take an active role in their progress, and help reinforce therapy techniques outside of the session and into the rest of your child’s day.

This level of involvement can be difficult if your child is attending speech therapy sessions in school or directly after school. But with teletherapy, it makes it easier to sit alongside them and learn together.

It’s More Affordable

Running a speech therapy practice isn’t cheap. These practices must pay for a lot of expenses that aren’t directly related to your care. There’s the price of renting a space, paying for utilities, marketing the practice, and many other operational costs. As with any business, these costs are often passed down to the consumer.

The rise of online videoconferencing technologies negates any cost of running a physical practice. These savings translate into the same level of quality care at a reduced price point. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Online Therapy is Just as Effective as Traditional Therapy

There have been many academic studies conducted on the effectiveness of teletherapy. These studies have demonstrated that online speech therapy is just as impactful as therapy provided in person. Read our recent blog post examining this very subject.

How Can Expressable Help?

Speech therapy with Expressable is just like traditional therapy, but sessions are administered online with modern video conferencing software that our clients can access from the convenience of their home. Expressable can offer incredible therapy at one-fifth the price because our therapists focus on serving families instead of dealing with long commutes, administrative tasks, and the burden of insurance overhead.

Find out if Expressable is right for you. Schedule a free consultation with one of our licensed therapists.